Hi guys...this page has all the necessary documents for building your tower. It includes specs, due dates, report requirements, EOH dates, website link, field trip permission forms, etc. If you do not find what you are looking for here (highly unlikely), please see Miss Patel or Ms. Zygas as soon as possible.

Some Hints for Tower Building:
1) Wood glue works best but takes time to dry so do not wait until the night before to build your entire bridge. We have glue if you need it...
2) For the first tower, your main goal should be to meet specs and get full credit
3) Measure carefully, once the wood is cut, there is no going back except for glue
4) Cut carefully, edges that fit together lead to a more efficient tower
5) Google science olympiad towers
6) Efficiency= mass of sand held (IN GRAMS)/ mass of tower (IN GRAMS)